5 Hours          Summer & Fall

This is an excellent way to access some of Alaska’s best backcountry and wildlife. This 1/2 day trip is the perfect way to end or begin an Alaskan Cruise or vacation. We can choose a route taking us across the Penguin River up more than 2000 feet to the high alpine meadows of Hidden Valley or travel to a place we call “Sanctuary” where we take a short hike down to a clear water pool with a spectacular waterfall.

The pictures on this page offer a glimpse into one of Alaska’s best kept secrets and all within close distance to Anchorage. How is that possible? Because there are no road signs marking this trail. Most locals don’t even know about this area and travel many miles out of town searching for the same experience. To keep the area as pristine as we first found it we limit our tours to small groups.

The three hour tours include a hike down the waterfall where Salmon come to spawn from mid June through September. We have very good luck seeing bears, moose and eagles from the overlook during our tours.

Duration: 5 Hours

Activities: ATV Training and Riding, Bear Sighting, Salmon Viewing

Transportation: Private Van Service

Languages: English, Mandarin, Spanish


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